Gary B
I found Maggie through an internet search and arranged a consultation. I had to complete a health questionnaire and we discussed a plan of action. I can honestly say I have not looked back. Completing food diaries helped Maggie isolate my bad eating habits and her advice has helped me lose over two stone in weight. This has obviously been done in tandem with an exercise program tailored to my abilities. I have found Maggie to be professional, extremely knowledgeable, reliable and very friendly (even when pushing me to the limits of exhaustion!).
I thoroughly recommend Maggie to anyone looking to make a real difference to their lives as she has done to mine.

What can I say? Thank God for this woman's entry into my life. Maggie is more then a personal trainer, she has been an agony aunt, a confidante and above all a friend. You really get the feeling she wants you to succeed and she keeps at it even repeating herself until you get it. She gives it her all and patiently talks you through all your concerns. I would not put a price on the advice and concern she has shown to me. She is organised, methodical and knowledgeable in her field. She gives you the feeling that anything is possible and that you are worth it, something I really need as a mother of three girls under the age of 6!
Thankyou Maggie

Emmy L - Rehabilitation Client
I am on my third year with Maggie. She understands exactly how I feel emotion wise, whether it is up or down, serious or light hearted and she arranges the session so I can benefit from it whatever my mood. She is wonderful!

Julia G - Massage Client
As I'm over 50 and like to participate in sport, I have found a twice monthly sports massage essential to keep my aching body moving. Luckily I found Maggie, who during our chats on allotments, jam recipies, errant teenage children (mine), and sports injuries in general, has managed to allieviate my stiffness, aches and pains, enabling me to continue enjoying a very active lifestyle. I have also reaped the rewards of calm and relaxation that comes from a brilliant massage, to the extent that I feel it has become as important as any of my training sessions in keeping me fit and healthy, and would definately recommend Maggie to anyone needing her mix of good humour and sound technique. I know I wouldn't be able to keep going without her.