• Myth:
  • Spending
  • On the treadmill
    Or bike
  • Are needed
    To burn calories
  • And loose weight


1-2-1 Personal Training

  • Using the information gathered in your free initial consultation you will receive a unique training programme designed especially for you. These are evolved as your fitness levels increase.
  • The programmes include cardiovascular exercise to strengthen your heart and lungs and effective resistance training for muscle toning, fat burning and lasting metabolic changes.
  • It is important to consider any pre-existing or potential structural /muscular imbalances. Your exercise routine addresses these weaknesses and with the benefit of scientific programme design enables you to work with and go beyond them, to achieve a healthy, functional and injury free body.
  • Every client receives ongoing support between sessions to keep you motivated.

Free initial consultation

The initial consultation consists of a health and lifestyle questionnaire, plus a health check and functional/flexibility assessment. There will also be a body composition analysis and other height/weight/relevant body measurements made, which will be used as benchmarks to show future progress. This is also your chance to check me out!

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Nutritional Audit & Advice

This forms the basis of a full scale audit of your dietary habits that is fundamental to helping you make positive lasting changes. You will need to keep a food diary of exactly what you eat and drink in a normal week. You will be given in depth nutritional advice and explanation, meal and snack plans, and even recipes to help you establish achievable good eating habits.


The more varied the better! But here's a taster……
  • Kettlebell - for fat burning, cardio workout, strength and power training. Fantastic for training and tightening the glutes, core and back.
  • Swiss Ball - from core conditioning to whole body workouts these are the perfect home gym; versatile and incredibly effective
  • Medicine ball - like the kettle bell these provide a great power workout
  • Resistance bands - the portable home gym, crucial for rehabilitation work, convenient and effective for whole body workouts
  • Dumbbells - the classic mainstay of resistance training
  • Balance board - to increase core conditioning as part of many exercises
  • Skipping rope - for a powerful fat burning, cardio workout